Sports Illustrated: Gayle Sayers Battling Dementia

The family of Hall-of-Famer Gayle Sayers acknowledged that he has been diagnosed with advancing dementia. They made the decision to go public with his health diagnosis to address many of the rumors that have been circulating recently. Sayers was one … Continue reading

BREAKING: Another NFL Concussion “Expert” Retiring

This broke earlier today with a Tweet from ESPN‘s Adam Schefter: Some of the retired players may remember Elliot Pellman as the other ‘Dr. No’ who once chaired the re-named NFL ‘Mild’ Traumatic Brain Injury Committee. While Pellman is actually … Continue reading

James Harrison is Pissed at the NFL: Here’s Why

Been away for a few weeks but definitely noticed some of the off-season noise on all the social media networks from James Harrison (2002 – 2015 as a linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers with one year in Cincinnati) coming forward … Continue reading

Darrelle Revis: ‘Concussion’ movie was ‘inspirational and educational’

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Judge Brody’s Ruling

And here is Judge Anita Brody’s opinion and ruling as filed with the US District Court in Philadelphia on Jan 14, 2014. We’ve uploaded a copy of her 12-page Opinion to Scribd to make it available for easy reading and … Continue reading

George Visger: Keeping our Heads Straight

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our phone lines and Inboxes have been tied up since last Thursday when it was first announced that there was a tentative settlement offer being presented to the court by the mediator in the NFL concussion lawsuits. On … Continue reading

Views on the NFL Concussion Settlement Offer

The NFL’s $765 million concussion settlement offer was announced a little over 24 hours ago and the firestorm of coverage and analysis is the talk of the media already. We won’t be privy to seeing the actual Settlement Offer until … Continue reading

Our Personal Hidden Toll from Football

Today I was reminded again of the firestorm that followed a single comment I’d made several years ago: “I wish I never played football.” It was an interview I had done with Jeff Pearlman from Sports Illustrated back in December … Continue reading

NFLPA Files Collusion Against NFL as Revenues INCREASE

Well, the NFLPA finally moved forward with filing its collusion claim against the League today. The two sides had agreed earlier to delay the filing as part of an effort to continue negotiations but it looks like they’ve hit another … Continue reading

This Just In: Why the NFL Doesn’t Want a Cap

A new article from the Boston Globe’s Albert Breer, titled “Union’s pitch for capped 2010 shot down provides just a little more insight into why the League doesn’t want a cap next year.” The best part is an Update paragraph … Continue reading

Getting a Headache about NFL Antitrust?

The Supreme Court is hearing a major business case this week that debates the extent of its so-called “limited” antitrust exemption. The case is American Needle vs. NFL and if you’re like most of us, it’s hard to understand the … Continue reading

Sports Illustrated: John Madden vs. Ferris Bueller

Dave was actually watching a bit of football on Sunday afternoon when he heard Al Michaels mention that his co-anchor, John Madden, was off on a two-week “vacation.” Coincidentally, the NFLPA/Players Inc. trial happens to be starting on Monday, October … Continue reading

And Sports Illustrated Jumps In

Poor Gene Upshaw – the poor guy just can’t get a break. Nobody seems to like him so he has to cry all the way to the bank. Some players are even making it more personal as you’ll see in … Continue reading