Same Crap, Different Day

While all the focus has now been on the soap opera surrounding the NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement, it’s important to remind everyone that many of the retired players and their families have still been mired in the tangled mess of … Continue reading

When Things Don’t Quite Go Your Way…

And even if it’s just a paltry few million, you know the League will still cut your study off at the kneecaps if they see the results totally going against them; they won’t ever hesitate to cut off your pledged … Continue reading

The REAL NFL: As Only a Widow Can Tell It

Another all-too-familiar story on the long-term impact of concussions. Over the years, we’ve chronicled so many stories of the damage not only to the players but on their families during and after their careers in football. And – as always … Continue reading

First CTE Lawsuit Finally Filed!

Well, as we wait for things to settle down following the NFL concussion lawsuit and appeal drama, the question that kept coming up has been, “What about CTE?!“ … Continue reading

Some November News: Old & New

You may remember a post we featured last year in July 2011 from Alison Owens, wife of former Charger Terry Owens (click HERE to read that post). Sadly, Terry passed away at home on October 27, 2012 at the age … Continue reading

So Maybe Charity DOES Begin at Home?

This breaking story was just too good not to post and follow. As many of us already know, the NFL and its owners have taken advantage of any and every opportunity to rake in the money. Whether it’s by not … Continue reading

NFL Damage Control on Concussions

. Well, the floodgates are opening wider and wider. Sports Legacy Institute and Boston University held a press conference this past Monday to announce their findings on the late Dave Duerson’s brain examination. To no one’s surprise, they discovered the … Continue reading

Matt Chaney: Football’s So-Called ‘Concussion Testing’

Posted with the express consent of Matt Chaney: Critics, Evidence Debunk ‘Concussion Testing’ in Football By Matt Chaney . April 25, 2011 . . This post is an excerpt preview for a pending analysis on Chaney’s Blog, ‘Brain Trauma Stalks … Continue reading

Concussions. And Dave Duerson.

Holy cow! You’d think we never went into the off-season already. Or maybe we just had to wait until Super Bowl was over to get more media attention. But the coverage on concussions has become a loud theme everywhere, especially … Continue reading

NFL: There are No Other Players with Dementia

As is often the case, it started with this short note we received from Elizabeth Pierce last week: . My father was a former NFL player who passed away after 20 years of dementia. . The NFL denied disability benefits. . … Continue reading

Brent Boyd: Meanwhile Back at the NFL PR Ranch

We understand that this past Wednesday evening, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was given an Impact Award at the Sports Legacy Institute‘s Third Annual Impact Awards held in Boston MA. SLI has been involved with Boston University in the forensic study … Continue reading

Following All the Concussion Stories

Our heads are hurting from following the growing coverage on concussions in the mainstream media just as the NFL season kicks off. . A couple of new articles on the link between concussions and ALS (Lou Gehrig Disease). One from … Continue reading

More Media Coverage on Brain Concussions

An incredibly powerful story on football-related brain concussions was recently published in GQ Magazine. The article – titled Brain Game – was written by Jeanne Marie Laskas and covers a lot of ground in how a Pittsburgh pathologist’s research into … Continue reading