What’s Really Holding Up Your Concussion Settlement…

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Attorney Steven Molo: Just Say No

OUCH! It didn’t take long after an NFL official publicly agreed before a Congressional hearing that football just might be linked to brain disease for attorney Steven Molo to file a request to the court to reject the current NFL’s … Continue reading

SNL on How the NFL Covers Hits

From last weekend’s Saturday Night Live: Pretty much sums up how important every hit is to the NFL… … Continue reading

NFL’s Concussion Problem Solved!

Many of you know that I’ve been involved in the battle against the NFL and the NFLPA over the past 7+ years (hey – why take sides?) for their longstanding mistreatment of its retired players. And the biggest problem that … Continue reading

John Hogan: If it smells like…

This Blog is about the only source where retired players have been able to read about the deficiencies of the settlement from an objective source. While other sites have pushed the settlement, they do not always reveal the fact that … Continue reading

Dealing with Bureaucrats

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh when a situation gets so ridiculous and absolutely everyone else can see it except the very people who should be able to see it. Yesterday, Dr. Ken Stoller submitted the … Continue reading